Saturday, November 7, 2015


On Saturday, October 31st the Turner High School Marching Band traveled to Independence, KS to compete in the Neewollah (Halloween spelled backwards) Marching Festival and Parade. Over 24 high school marching bands participated.
The band performed their "Evolution of Swing" halftime show with a ton of energy and enthusiasm. The Golden Bear Band received a "1-Rating," which stands for "Superior". We are extremely proud of all the hard work that the band has put into this season, and all of the great students that make up this band will always be remembered by the trophy that will now sit in our display case. Way to go Golden Bear Band, or as we like to say "G-Double-B!"

KC Royals World Series Champs!

We ended up parking not far from where this picture was taken and walked in. I'm glad we did, people parked in parking garages and some had to wait 2-4 hours.

I took this picture when we first made it to Union Station parking lot.

School was out, I was planning on taking them out even if it wasn't.

We stood for hours but it was a fun and crazy day. Go Royals!!

We love our boys in blue!

A Royal CelebrationHey Kansas City, today was amazing. Relive the moments here - you'll be talking about this day for years to come.
Posted by KMBC 9 News Kansas City on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sunday, October 18, 2015


I'm the queen of unfinished projects, this has been sitting around my house for a couple of years. I tea dyed it last week and need to put it in a frame.

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the cool air, the beautiful shades of leaves, comfort food and my list could go on and on. My 15 year old is in the marching band now that she is in high school, we enjoyed watching her perform at half time on Friday nights.

Emily Bronte:

Image result for royals blue october

Image result for royals blue october

We're hoping for a world series win!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Putting up my patriotic prims

I only made a few patriotic/4th of July stuff this summer. I printed out this cute picture and spray painted a frame in this silver gray. I also bought a couple 4's and covered them in scrapbook paper after seeing one on Pinterest.

This is one of them --Paper mache 4 covered in patriotic paper. I can't find my other one, I used a wood 4 and covered it in a different patriotic paper.

My lamb's ear is growing like crazy-- I transplanted this is June.

Excuse the weeds -- My Brown Eyed Susan's --Somebody switched tags on the flowers because it showed a purple flower, but I'm happy with what I got.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

We had a wedding this summer!

My oldest daughter was married in June.


 I felt like I lived in Hobby Lobby the first part of June. A friend of mine came over helped finish centerpieces and bouquets. She had two weddings under her belt, so I let her. Everything turned out great, it was a small and sweet wedding.  I need to see if anybody took a picture of the tables, apparently I didn't, you would have thought with all the work to make the tables look nice--there would be a picture.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!!!!

Sunny Simple Life's photo.
Happy 4th of July!!
Allison Spencer Knight's photo.
I made this rag flag a couple years ago.  We've been busy my oldest daughter was married in June and after that we visited my daughter who moved to Wisconsin. Sorry about the large pictures I couldn't get blogger to re-size them for me.  Have a wonderful 4th!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

College Graduation

It was a rainy day like many we've had lately.


Kaitlyn received a Bachelor of Science in Apparel and Textiles (Apparel Design and Production). We are very proud of her!