Sunday, October 25, 2009

Part II of the catch-up

Let's see if I can cover the month of October backwards to make it match up to my last blog post.

We thought today was Jaime's last soccer game but the coach told us there is a tournament next weekend. We really like Jaime's coach Jose he never yells and is patient. The team we played yesterday the coach was a jerk yelling and screaming and than he said our team was tackling his team. The Stingers won 3-0 and Jaime kicked the ball twice.
Jim was burning part of the tree we had cut down earlier in the year and we cooked hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire.

Last night was Kaitlyn's last home game of the year, It was also Senior night. All the senior football players, girls golf and cross country were honored before the game and the band was honored at half-time. It was a chilly night but Turner beat Wyandotte 62-0.

My mom also passed away 4 years ago on the 23rd. I miss you mom!

22nd-Was Jim's birthday.

The 21st of October we celebrated our 21st anniversary. Twenty one years ago we married at the county courthouse ate at Mrs. Peter's Chicken Dinner and saw The Great Outdoors at the Dollar movies, We were living it up!;)

Turner Days was October 17 and 18th. All three girls were in the parade and the camera wasn't working right or it could have been me but I only have one picture of Kaitlyn. It makes you mad when that happens. The elementary school had a cute float and won for best elementary float.

We were able to get to the Renaissance Fair the last day it was open. The girls had a great time.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where did the month go?

Part I of the catch-up

I stitched the Fall is in the air(Ruth)and the Boo pumpkin(Shara) for two swaps.

Amy and I went on a hayride at the pumpkin patch with friends. It was a chilly day and the kids had fun. Did I mention muddy? Amy took off running and slid in the mud.

Homecoming football game was the 9th and the dance was the 10th.

Melissa played volleyball this fall but our Rec only had three teams so they also joined with the Bonner Springs Rec. The Rec had a silly volleyball tournament for the three teams since the season was short. I had no idea what was going on at first during the tournament because my daughter failed to tell me. The ref kept the score close by trading out a beach ball when one team was ahead and that usually tied it up. It was pretty funny that ball was all over the place. Than when there was a real good server they made her put her head to a bat and go around in circles five times and than serve the ball. The second set they let the parents play but they couldn't hit the ball over the net only players could. The third set was if your team scored one player had to come out each time so that was fun to watch. All the coaches ended up getting whipped cream pies in the face. It was a fun day.

I participated in two more swaps one Halloween and one fall swap one was "Heidi's Homemade Halloween Swap" and my partner was Shara from The Monkey Box who was also my 4th of July swap partner. Look at all the goodies she sent me. Thanks, Shara!

The next swap was hosted by Lori of Morning Glories and Moonflowers and my partner was Ruth and her blog is Farm Girl in my Heart.

She sent all these wonderful goodies. Thanks, Ruth!

Amy's head hit the concrete.

The THS cheerleaders have a yearly fundraiser "Little Leaders" they have a short clinic and the girls get to cheer at a Friday night game. Since this is Kaitlyn's last year she begged and bribed Jaime to sign-up for it. Jaime thinks cheerleaders are blood sucking vampires! Crazy girl! I think she had fun and Kaitlyn was happy.

We started the month off with Amy attending a birthday party, the girls had fun dancing and playing together. Amy still talks about the party naming her friends off and ending with Loooola!