Sunday, October 24, 2010

Brithdays, Anniversary and another Birthday

Well September zoomed by pretty fast and now October is almost over. Jaime turned 10 on September 12 and Kaitlyn turned 19 on the 13th of September. Melissa and Jaime spent the weekend at the Omaha Zoo with Grandpa and Grandma. We drove to Manhattan with Amy to take Kaitlyn out for her birthday. We ate at Famous Dave's and had a nice day with Kaitlyn.

Somewhere in the month of October we went to the Renaissance Festival. We all had a fun time. Amy wasn't too sure about the swing the first couple of times around but soon was smiling.

Jaime had a craft and tie-dye party at our house.

Jaime's party at Grandma and Grandpa's house. She always has crazy eye pictures, I need to make an album of all of them.
Kaitlyn came home last weekend and we celebrated at the grandparents house.

Jim and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary on October 21st and than his 49th birthday was the 22nd.

On the 23rd it was the 5th year since my mom passed away. I was wondering what had happened to my mom's big crock that I had. The next day my MIL said "You need to get your mom's crock out of the shed before it breaks". We had a fire seven years ago and apparently it has been in the shed all that time. I thought it was neat that I was thinking of my mom and her crock and the next day I have it.
I always have these wonderful blog posts in my head and never seem to get them posted. The last post I started on the day it says and the pictures uploaded funky, I had to get off the computer and finally was able to fix them. So in reality I actually posted it today but started it a long time ago. I always plan on getting up early when the house is quiet and blog but get sidetracked reading blogs, local AP forum, FB and email. I need to work on that.......

I've been sewing and deciding on what to make for ornament swaps, a play food swap and a couple prim ornament swaps coming up. I need to get my Christmas list made and started for everyone I'm making gifts for this year.

A mom from the local AP forum was looking for someone to make these cute flat dolls, I had looked at them before and thought they'd be cute to make for Amy but that thought passed. ;-) These are the dolls and clothes I made for the mom. The first set I made will be Amy's after I do a little fixing. They were fun to sew except the shoes which were a little tricky. I can add that to one Christmas gift checked off my list.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Turner Days and Harvest swap

Turner Days --We live in a city that has three school districts, we are in one of the smaller districts and the community turns out for the Turner Days Parade. It has a small home town feel and you can run into quite a few people you know. It was a little strange this year watching the High school cheerleaders and Kaitlyn not being with them. Jaime rode on her school float and it won best entry in the entire parade. After the parade everybody goes back to the soccer fields were they have a stage, booths for the PTA's of each school and than food booth, games and booths selling all sorts of stuff. We watched a couple games of mud volleyball, my girls thought that would be fun to do in the future.

I received my harvest swap with Julie of Dog Trot Farm a few weeks ago. Thanks, Julie.