Friday, June 22, 2012

Tour of Livestrong-KC Sporting

The players seats.

                                              The locker room
                                                  The press room
View from the top
                                          Bud Terrace
                                         Visiting teams locker room
                                             KC Sporting locker room
                                                 One of the clubs
   Where I usually work at 129 or sometimes the Bud Terrace or you might find me at a portable if it's a concert.

                                          Another members club
                          We had a fun time touring KC Sporting's stadium Livestong with our friends. It was nice to see the other parts of Livestrong, I've mentioned that I worked out here to raise money for our Washington DC trip with the Turner band. Most of the stands are ran by parent volunteers. We get paid either a percentage of sales or a flat amount. For us it's for the band, some parents pay for their children's dance, cheer, gymnastics, sports fees, college fees you name it.     

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sewing Projects from May

 I posted awhile back about making quillows for our DC trip. I had 6 cut out but only finished 3 before we had to leave. This one is Amy's, these squares were from a fabric square swap from 5 years or more that I did on Sewing Mama's forum. I didn't want to spend any money and was trying to use my stash when I found a drawer full of 6.5 inch squares. The instructions were pretty easy to follow but I made a few mistakes before I got it right. I should have taken a picture of it folded into a pillow but you'll just have to use your imagination.

 I stayed up till the wee hours in the morning before the trip working on this bag. I used batik strips and had all the edges ragged. It worked pretty well for a tote bag but I didn't like the size for a purse. My old purse/diaper bag has seen better days, I blogged about it here, it's three years later and the material has worn off the straps and some of my squares have holes in the top layer.It has been a wonderful purse/diaper bag. My husband use to always say your purse, I'd say diaper bag but it was both for awhile. Now to get busy making a new purse.  

                                                   This is Callie our oldest cat.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Water Bottle Carriers

A few years ago I made this Pokemon water bottle carrier for Jaime. I used this tutorial and a mama from either Amity Mama's or Sewing Mama's forum sent me a vest she no longer wanted that was made from Pokemon fabric.
 When day camp rolled around I was looking at the list of what to bring to camp and they had water bottles with handles. This first afternoon I sent Amy with the only water bottle I could find and tied a cord around it. I went home and sewed  up two water bottle carriers that night. One was a Snoopy fabric for Melissa and I cut into my very small stash of this Japanese Alice in Wonderland fabric (that I bought years ago from a Sewing Mama) for Amy. The funny thing was I didn't cut the cord off the bottle and she kept pulling it out of the carrier to drink.  Amy decided it was easier to use the tied cord one, even though I showed her how to just use it without taking it out of the carrier. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Girl Scout Day Camp

This year Girl Scout camp was at The Grinter Place. The last few years they had it at Camp Naish the Boy Scout camp. It was a four day camp with one overnight that was optional.  I stayed and helped the last two days. The girls had a lot of fun, they tied-dyed, painted birdhouses, hiked, learned about compasses, made kites, pottery, yarn dolls, learned about the constellations, toured The Grinter House, ate hobo dinners, smores,  learned earthquake preparedness ( for all those earthquakes in Kansas) and had a flag retirement ceremony.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Textile Swap

Nancy was my swap partner in Tammy's Textile print. She sent me this envelope of goodies. This cute rolling pin holder and prim ditty bag along with placemats. Thanks Nancy!!

Here's what I sent Nancy, I had fun making everything. She told me she had chickens and roosters in her kitchen so I made these little chicken pin cushions and the stitchery for her kitchen and she also mentioned her bathroom was in a moose theme. I found this moose fabric in my scraps and made the ditty bag and added a piece to the towel. She also said she had antique doll beds and loved doll quilts so I whipped up the doll quilt and made the stump prairie doll.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Washington DC Trip -Part 6

             Monday we had a choice to go to the Museum of Natural History or the Natural Museum of American History, they were close to each other so you could also go to both. The bus dropped us off a few blocks from the museums,  Amy was wanting to be carried and didn't want to walk by the last day, so it took us longer to get there. We started at the Natural History and I could tell I wasn't going to get her out of that museum very fast. Jim and the girls left to go to the American. We stayed and saw the Hope Diamond, Amy wanted to stay in that area but it wasn't as exciting to me, so we did a fast look and moved on. We had a time we needed to be back at the buses to have lunch and then the band members had to get dressed. It was hot and I knew Amy was going to be hard to move along, I didn't see the rest of our family so Amy and took a ride on a Pedicab, it was the best $15 I spent.

                                      Melissa and Jaime inside the American History Museum.

The kids did an awesome job, it was in the 90's but felt like the upper 90's. One of the main concerns was staying hydrated. Some of the parents spread out along the way in case anyone had signs of heat stroke, some walked along and squirted water for the kids. We were the second high school band, so we were at the very beginning. As soon as they reached the end of the parade point, they had misting tents for everyone, and the DCFD had a hose squirting up to cool off too. After that it was about a 10 block walk back to where the buses were parked. After cooling off, changing out of the band uniforms it was time to hit the road back to KC. Our bus had a flat tire on 1-70 outside Independence, MO,  it was fixed quickly and we finally made it back to the high school. This was a fun, fast trip, our family would like to go back to DC and explore places we haven't seen yet and revisit a few that we did. It was neat seeing places you've only read about or saw in a movie.        

Mr. Jarrett, the band leader with Melissa and Jaime. Mr. Jarrett retired after 30 years at Turner High School so this trip was bittersweet for him. We will miss him.