Thursday, February 23, 2012

English Fry

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One of my favorite authors is Katie Fforde, I love all her books and have read them many times. I have also learned a lot about England and the way the Brits talk. At first it was confusing I'd be reading about a man wearing a jumper, thinking okay that's strange but thanks to the internet if I don't know what she's talking about I google and learn.
I've read about an English Fry's in her books and in other books so the other night besides the usual bacon, eggs and potatoes, we also added the beans and tomatoes. We did skip the black and white pudding even though my husband said he could make some but he meant chocolate and vanilla pudding. I never thought about beans and tomatoes with my bacon and eggs but it tasted pretty good and my 11 year old agreed.

We are Downton Abbey fans here too along with Jane Austen lovers, except for my husband and Jaime. I have traced my family back with a few coming from England and Wales or at least that is what it said on 1850 census, I haven't been able to trace it back any further. I need to make some time and see what I can find out.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

KinderKonzert at the Kaufmanm

Amy and I joined a group of friends for a KinderKonzert at the new Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. The Kansas City Symphony performed and a man from Science City talked to the children about music and science between performances. The building is beautiful, we didn't have time to look at everything but hope to go back another day and take it all in.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Getting Real

Life changes......I've been thinking about this a lot since my youngest will go to 1st grade next year, we're doing K at home. I realize my life will change, no more storytimes, playgroups and all the other day to day activities that we usually do. I know I should think about what we will do not what won't be happening. But life is changing, with my oldest who I had at 16, I stayed home a year then worked full time, when Kaitlyn showed up 11 years later, I was working full time and wanting to stay home with her, at the time it wasn't possible. Five years later when I had Melissa I knew I wanted to be a SAHM, I asked for part time work but my employer said they didn't have any in my position, luckily the church I grew up in was looking for a part time secretary/janitor. I was able to take my kids with me and it worked out for about three and half years. When I had Jaime I finally was at the position I wanted for a long time SAHM broke but happy.
After I had Melissa and was no longer working full time, I had to find friends with babies, going from full time work to being off three months and nobody to talk to was an adjustment. I joined Parents As Teachers and met some moms, I also started attending La Leche League meetings. I made some wonderful friends that I still see and talk to from those early PAT play groups. I've been involved with La Leche League for 14 and half years, and lead monthly meetings and take phone calls helping breastfeeding moms. I know I have a years before we have an empty nest but our girls are growing up and time doesn't stand still unless you have a screaming child!

I read a book when Kaitlyn started college and it made me laugh but also there were parst that related to how I felt it was called "Off Her Rocker".... a look at how one womans life change when her youngest left for college.
I was talking to Jaime's 5th grade teacher, her youngest is the same age as Jaime. It was nice sharing with her and hearing her agree with me--- knowing someone else could relate. We decided we should crash story times and play dates with no kids but it wouldn't be the same, so that's when you have to fill the missing gaps with something new.

I do know I need to do something to add to our meager retirement fund. I know I do not want to go back to work in the corporate world. I want my summers and school holidays off. I have a running list of ideas in my head, I seemed to spend a lot of time thinking about ideas and still not knowing what I want to do.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fun day

The girls were out of school for Parent Teacher conferences, I had planned a coop class to Chip Chocolate Factory at Crown Center. We've done this class before but chocolate lovers that we are once is never enough. While waiting we stopped at the free kids exhibit. After lunch at Fritz's with our friends we headed to the Kansas City Zoo for a fun afternoon.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

"Just for you..." Happy Valentine's Day!!

Melissa attended the winter formal.

Amy and her friends have a fun time decorating their valentine day boxes at the library after story time.

This Valentine's day party was the last party for Jaime at her grade school. I of course didn't get any pictures, we had nachos and chips and the kids also had enough candy, cookies and other junk to take home. We played match the famous couples and the kids did pretty good. Both teams were tied and neither could tell me Lucy's better half. They also played pass the heart with the straw. Next year they are moving all the 6th grades in the district to the former Early Learning Center which they opened 5 years ago for the preschool and changed Kindergarten to all day Kindergarten. When they moved the Kindergarten and P-K out of the neighborhood schools, we choose to home school Jaime for K. The kids were usually on the bus for 20- 30 minutes sometimes longer twice a day, they weren't open to me picking her up for half day K. So now they decide to redo the school and make it into a 6th grade academy. I can laugh now and say they are bound and determined to get my kids over to that school. :-)


Friday, February 10, 2012

Warm Hearts and Cold Toes Swap

Yesterday the mailman delivered this great swap on a day I was finally beginning to feel better. I've had this sinus crud for 4 days, my ears hurt and I felt pretty miserable. Jan from the Prim Pals forum was my secret swap partner and sent this sweet package. Everything was wrapped up in this pretty wrapping, I couldn't open it till I found my camera. Two pairs of warm and cozy socks, a cool spool and of course chocolate. My five year old decided she need a pair of socks and took off with a pair. Thanks Jan.

This is what I sent my swap partner Kookie:

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Eagle day

Jaime's last basketball game, she's glad there won't be any more practices with suicide runs. She said she had fun but isn't sure if she wants to play next year. I think she likes to shoot baskets more than running up and down the court so our driveway might be a better place to play.

After the game and pizza party we headed to Wyandotte County lake and the F.L.Schlalge library for Eagle day, this was my first time going but Jaime and Jim had been twice before. Amy didn't have the patience to sit for the 45 minute talk so we should have waited another year. We ended up in another room where she could run around.

I've been talking about this wool quilt, this isn't a very good picture but I will post one soon.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chinese New Year Party

Angela hosted a Chinese New Year party for our coop in January. She read a couple books, we made cute lanterns and dragons. In the top picture you can see Ellie holding her dragon we made out of paper and chopsticks. After all that fun we enjoyed tasty Chinese snacks. This year Angela had sweet bean soup which was pretty good and dumplings plus a smorgasbord of sweets, cookies, watermelon seeds and tea. This is the third year we've been able to go and my older kids attended the first year and still talk about it, of course the food tasting is there favorite.

Amy at Wonderscope with her Zebra face.

This morning I met up with a friend and she helped me get my quilt top situated. I've talked about this quilt a few times before (after looking I don't have a picture of it so when I get it done I'll post one). I first tried free motion and had such a mess never getting the back smooth, than I decided to stitch in the ditch and still had my backing problem so after ripping those stitches out. I came prepared with my basting spray and a few pins. I am determined to whip this quilt into a proper quilt. I know my 11 year will be excited it's done after 6 years. She's not as a fanatic about horses but still reminds me to please finish my quilt.