Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

On our agenda for today is watching the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. I fondly remember watching the parade when I was a kid and have my girls hooked. We'll be heading to my in-laws for Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon. Still on my list to-do is make my Mom's Apple Salad, green bean casserole (not the French's onion one), dressing/stuffing and honey butter. Jim is making the Rhodes rolls. Most of my rolls have flopped so he doesn't want to be without rolls.

Dressing/Stuffing- I love it but nowadays I very rarely eat bread. I've made a lot of different recipes always looking for the perfect one and I haven't found it yet. This year I'm doing a combination of a few recipes so I have high hopes!
I usually make my mom's famous Green Rice but I'm saving that for Christmas this year and we're having steamed broccoli instead.

Mom's Apple Salad

3-5 apples washed
1 cup of mini-marshmallows {you can delete or use less or more)
1 cup of pecans chopped, halved or whole (I usually add a lot more)
Whipped Cream-we used to use cool-whip but have switched to the can whipped cream

Grate your apples I usually leave some of the peel on, it gives it a nice color.
Add the marshmallows, pecans and whipped cream.

I love it!

My brother and his wife are in town from Italy. We had a nice visit earlier this week and are planning on getting together before he leaves on Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Not much to say just a lot of pictures.

Besides stray cats waiting at our door we've had a couple of raccoons too. They enjoy the cat food, the cats just back up and watch them.

Buddy one of our three cats snoozing on the bed.

Amy at PAT playgroup.

Melissa at a Volleyball tournament.

In early October we met some friends at the pumpkin patch.
When I find my camera I have some ornaments to post that I've been working on.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More rag quilts

This rag quilt I used strips instead of squares. I found a tutorial( the link no longer works) that used two different colors but I wanted to use at least four. When I started the quilt I was leaning towards mostly green but saw the brown floral and brown with daisies and away I went. I used a double flannel filler to make it warm. I have a few more rows to clip than it will be finished.

This is the first rag quilt I made. My friend had made one a few years ago and I loved her quilt I posted about it here.