Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Prims

I embroidered the Be Mine-- three years ago along with the heart on the patchwork heart. I pulled them out after valentine's day and finished them up. The hearts I made at the same time I made some for a swap. Now it's time to pack them up and get out Easter/Spring prim pieces.
The pattern I found online for the Be Mine but couldn't find it to link it up. I'll pull out my notebook and find the link and post later.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Second snow in 4 days

This was the snow coming down Tuesday morning.

Here is a picture of our butterfly bush after the first snow,
this is what it looked like Tuesday morning.

This picture is from the first snow, the poor cats couldn't get around so Jim shoveled the deck.

It was pretty amazing to see the snow and hear the birds singing in the trees. The birds have been flying down to get cat food. 

 I think it's my fault we have so much snow! I looked at boots this fall and told myself get some next year. It hardly snowed in 11/12 winter, and  we had no snow days. Well this winter sure has been different --we had one snow day the day before Christmas break and two last week and two this week. They almost had a 6 day weekend except they had school on Monday and no school Tuesday and Wednesday.   So what have I've been wearing my clogs, what else. It's only bad if I step in deep snow! :-)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Everyday Ruralty


1. Is there a room in your house you would like to redecorate or remodel?

  There is more then one room, we need to finish our basement, I would like to paint our kitchen cabinets  and replace the counter tops, along with a few other things.
2. Did you watch the Oscars?
No-- I usually never watch any award shows. I agree with you Patrice on what you said.

3.How many pairs of blue jeans do you own?
How many that fit? I have 5 that I rotate.

4.What was your favorite toy as a child?
I had one of those baby with the soft body and plastic face, arms and legs, that was one of my favorite along with the baby buggy I pushed it in.

5.If you could visit a country in Europe, which would you choose?
My first choice is England, then Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

I'm linking up with Patrice at Everyday Ruralty.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Pinned It, Made It! Monday

Chocolate Pie!!! What could be better? Not much dessert wise for me and since nobody was going to make me a pie, I made it myself. I found this recipe or I should say my husband left it up on the computer, so he thought about making one. Are  you waiting for the changes? I used  Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate instead of the cocoa and a handful or two of dark chocolate chips. It was wonderful, wonderful and I tried to eat it all myself but had to share with my girls. I used her pie crust but we don't use vegetable or canola oil and I should have either used butter or olive oil but I used a peanut oil that wasn't peanuty tasting, so needless to say the crust was little flavorless.So next time butter!

Chicken Potpie Recipe
Photo courtesy of Taste of home because I would never make something so pretty! :-)

When I use to be in a cooking club/freezer group my friend Angie made this wonderful Chicken Pot Pie. We all loved it so I begged her for the recipe and have made it quite a few times over the years. So I finally pinned it and here it is to share with you. Most of us aren't pea lovers so we left the pea out and added green beans.

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow storm and a rag bag

 I was just telling my husband the forecast called for thunder snow, but I hadn't heard any and not two minutes later there was lightening and thunder. Crazy! I was up at 6:00 am and there was no snow on the ground  when I was feeding the outside cats, I could feel the snow coming down. This picture was taken at 8:00 am.

 I finally finished my rag bag purse. On this one I made the pieces rectangle instead of square and didn't use a middle piece, I used old denim for the back of the batiks. For the handles I used new denim material since the batik material I used on my old one wore out faster than the bag did. I wanted the bag smaller since it no longer needs room for diapers!

 I made this one back in 2009, it was a diaper bag/purse. It is falling apart, I've repaired it a few times but it has been through the ringer. I'm always finding interesting things my children have stuffed in it. RIP old bag!

I've been trying to get my blog switched from Pacific time to Central Standard time but all it's showing are GMT times. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Everyday Ruralty

I'm joining Patrice over at Everyday Ruralty today.


1. What's your favorite fruit?
Apples have always been my favorite fruit, but blueberries are slowly over-passing apples. 

2. Wendell would like to know if you've ever been horseback riding?
I have been horse back riding, I'd love to have a horse and be able to ride more often. The last time was in Colorado on vacation.

 3.Do you carry a small purse, big one or just  a wallet?
I just switched to a smaller purse than the big one I'd been using for years. I also stick my ID in my back pocket and leave my purse at home depending on the day.

4. If you could travel to one state for a day, (all expenses paid) where would you go?
One day-- tough question--I'd say the east coast but since  I need one state I'm going to say Massachusetts  so I can see Louise May Alcott's home.

5. What was your first car?
A 1974 Chevy Malibu Classic, this is not my picture but this is what it looked like except for the wheels. I didn't have the Rally wheels, I wanted them. I loved this car, I thought I was cool in it! :-)  

Monday, February 18, 2013

Pinned It, Made It! Monday

 I made this lemon tart for my husband who is a big lemon fan, for Valentine's day. I on the other hand, am not,---- it's all about the chocolate for me!  I, of course wait till the night before to look at recipes and this one looked good and I had everything on hand.

 I love to make rag quilts because they always get finished, unlike a KU quilt I have waiting to be free motioned quilted. This one was made for a birthday gift for a friend of Jaime's. I pinned this one on Pinterest and there was no directions so I plowed on ahead.  I cut 10-inch squares cotton for the front and flannel on the back. The strip squares I had to play around with to fit right, I also added on because it wasn't long or wide enough.  I love the batiks! The one I pinned, the squares were bigger and I like the size of it but I was using leftovers and couldn't make mine as big.

Amy wanted to make butterfly valentines--- we did a combination of two we pinned, this is our version.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Humble Heart Swap

Lynn was my partner in the Humble Heart Swap that Amy at Bumble Bee Lane hosted.  She sent me six hearts, the cute Be My Valentine and Winter Blessings wooden signs and the 1776 pillow. Thanks Lynn!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

My husband makes me a latte or a mocha everyday, even if we're not seeing eye to eye. Jim made chicken stir-fry and Trader Joe's dumplings/pot stickers for dinner. We didn't get around to the chocolate fondue but will be having that this weekend.


Today we had parent/teacher conferences, and then Amy, Jaime and I met some friends at the KC  Zoo. Amy was pretty excited since she hasn't seen her friend Valerie for months. It was a cool day at the zoo, no crowds. Some of the animals that are always out weren't but we were able to see the gorillas who are never in sight in the summer.       

I hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Pre-Valentine's Day

I felt this Valentine was appropriate for what happened last week. Jaime has a Rose hair tarantula, she's on her second one. Our sweet cats batted the first one around after removing the screen. This one is in a different container then what the picture below shows. It has a very small opening at the top and we always had something over it just in case. We also have it in our bedroom to keep it safe from cats. Last Wednesday we noticed it was missing, once it was on top and Jaime was able to get it back in. We started looking and it was no where to be found. Jaime was feeling pretty sad ---fast forward to Saturday. Melissa went into the bedroom looking for the remote and was walking on the beds to avoid the floor. Her dad came in and said what are you doing, get off the bed. He turned around and said "STOP" she was inches away from stepping on the spider.  It was on our bed and it's legs were peeking out of the blanket. Glad we found it! Jaime will buying a new container soon.      


Amy's classroom party was Tuesday, since they were out on Valentine's Day for Parent/Teacher's conferences. We made her valentines--- butterflies with smarties for the body. We played two games one was to run down read the heart and do what it says. It could be "Hop like a bunny", "Walk like a chicken", "Walk backwards", etc. The other one was two hearts that they had to stand on and each step could only be touching a heart. They were suppose to be racing against the other team but with how the classroom is set up, it didn't work out that way. They had a fun time!