Saturday, December 22, 2007

Someone is missing at Christmas this year

Driving home the other day I was thinking of my mom when this song
came on the radio. I started crying. This will be the third
Christmas without her and about 10 years since she could have a decent
conversation. One of my favorite Christmas memories is when I was 5 and
we made ornaments out of dixie cups,pipe cleaners,fabric,ribbon,foil and paper towel rolls. We used those ornaments for years.

That same day the girls had their classroom parties. I helped with Melissa's
and joined Jaime at the end of her party. We played a game where the
kids had to guess a Christmas song by drawing it on the board. They
were suppose to sing the answer out, there were a couple kids who sang,
they're 5th graders what do you expect.

Later that night we went to Fritz's and had greasy burgers,fries, mushrooms and chocolate
shakes. We've been doing this for the last seven years. After eating we
head a block over and look at the Christmas lights.
This street with all the house decorated with lights gives me this warm fuzzy feeling. The houses were built in the 1920's with big porches and some of the houses are 2-3 stories. I really love the style of most of the houses. When they are all aglow it almost feels like you've stepped back in time. When it's covered in snow it's almost magical but we enjoy it either way. One house has an old santa in his sleigh hung between two houses over the driveway. The street has always been one way but
this year they changed it so it's one way half the way from Minnesota
and than it changes and the other half is one way from Central. It
was still fun just a little more driving.

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