Saturday, February 23, 2008

A toddler, straight pins and a sewing machine

My machine has a little hole that pins fit in quite nicely. I was
almost done with this bag I'm making for a swap when I needed more pins
and lifted up my machine to notice a ton of pins hanging out the
bottom, So I started working them over to the opening and pfft
than a sizzle and it blew a breaker. When Jim took it apart you could
see the burn mark and the foot pedal didn't work when I turned it back

I've been planning on getting a new machine but not this soon.

Look what I won on Ebay:

Melissa enjoys reading mysteries so I looked for
Dana Girl Mysteries
at the library and they must have
discarded all the old ones. These were my favorite books in grade
school,I liked them more than the Nancy Drew books. Does anyone
remember the Hardy
Boys/ Nancy Drew TV series?
I loved watching them of course I
was 12 or 13. Who didn't love to look at Parker Stevenson and Shaun Cassidy?
I did get around to reading one of the books,they are dated but I loved them as a
kid. What cracks me up is that their house was broke into and they went
to check the silver and the jewelry, now a days we'd be checking the
electronics. They also talked about the gay time they had traveling.

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mysteryhistorymom said...

We love Nancy Drew books but the terms they use are quite dated! The "gay time" reference is a hoot! I will look into the Dana Girls mysteries. Thanks for the tip! Lori