Friday, March 14, 2008

I finished my blocks for the block of the month quilt swap I'm in
on Amity Mamas. I had October so I applique two pumpkins. After looking
at them I'm thinking about embroidering something on them to give them
little more ump. I borrowed a friends sewing machine so I could make it
in time for the deadline and they extended it. So now I can say I'm
done way
ahead of time. Which is a good thing since the playfood swap I was in I had to give two of the pies out afterwards, good thing it was local.

On this blog I found a new spin on the nine patch square that I'm
going to have to try in the future. Maybe I should think small and make
the girls doll quilts with this patch.
But wait I have to wait till I have a new sewing machine.

Kaitlyn made the Varsity Cheer-leading squad. She was excited!!
Waiting for the phone to ring was nerve-wrecking.
The last two years the phone rang at 9:00 and 9;30 and this
year it was 10:30. Whew I'm glad that's over. Money wise it's not but
the waiting is, they only call the girls that make it which seems mean
but at least they don't have to deal with the tears that way. Also they
have try-outs the day before spring break. You would think I could find
a picture of Kaitlyn in her cheerleader uniform and we are lacking in
that department.

How does everyone find time to blog? When I get
on I end up spending a long time looking for a picture or image,
re-writing and re-writing with a screaming kid so I save my post and a
week has gone by and I need to write something else. I also have a hard
time finding my photos in Picasa. It just seems like I have no time to
fool around with it to understand it better. Any suggestions would be
greatly appreciated! Oh another thing is when I post a link if I look at the preview one time the link is right and than the second time it's all spelled out showing the link.


Deanna said...

Congratulations Kaitlyn!!! If you know that if you don't get a call that means you didn't make the squad, that must be nerve racking waiting for that call, and for it to come so late, she probably thought she didn't make it!

I think if you gave up crafting, you'd have more time for blogging...just a thought ;-)

When I upload my pictures, I keep them very organized from the get-go, so finding pictures is pretty easy. I have a main folder for the year (2008), then I have sub-folders for each month which I put a number in front of so they stay in order (01Jan, 02Feb, 11Nov, etc.) then when I upload pictures, I create a new folder within that structure with the date I upload - so photos I upload today would have a location that looked something like c/mydocuments/mypictures/2008/03March/031508/ - with this system, I can find any picture I need.. I have 8 years of folders like this, and it really works well.

And I know nothing about blogger, so can't help you with those issues!

Keep on truckin' scout.

Sarah said...

Congrats to Kaitlyn!

I do the same thing as Deanna with my photos. Every time I upload photos, which is almost every day, I create a new folder for them and name it whatever the date happens to be. Although I don't do that 01Jan, 02Feb, etc. thing and mine seem to still stay in order. They are all just grouped by the year.

I seem to be having a lot of trouble finding time to blog lately too. Or maybe it's just finding the motivation, I dunno.

I'm not sure why you're having the issues with Blogger. I rarely use the preview function so I haven't noticed that happen before. Does it still post correctly when you publish it?

mysteryhistorymom said...

I wish that I knew how to sew... By the way, I tagged you! Stop by my blog and see what it is all about... Lori