Saturday, June 20, 2009

I think I have everything updated back to April and our computer is working great now.
I talked to AT&T uverse so many times and everyone told us to do something different. Our internet was constantly stopping and we'd go days without it. I talked to someone who helped somewhat but it still stopped. We could have a tech come out for $149 a hour (no thanks) I just wanted someone to help me on the phone ugh. Jim finally played with something and it's been working smoothly. knock on wood.

Last month we bought a reel mower and the girls have been having fun mowing. Who would have thought it would be so entertaining?

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Deanna said...

I'm so glad your computer and internet seem to be working well!

Love the pictures (wonder if my kids would mow if we bought a reel mower, lol), and happy birthday to Amy :-)