Thursday, March 25, 2010

Who won the giveaway??

Thanks to everybody who enter my birthday giveaway. I've enjoyed reading your comments and finding new blogs to me. I'm looking forward to spending time reading through your blogs.

Drum roll and the winners are:

1.) Leslie won the quilt top
2.) Jessica won the homespun and the funny thing is her birthday is March 24th too.
3.) Candy won the pattern
4.) Carol won the spring pic

Please email me your address to a j k n i g h t 6 at yahoo.
Thanks ladies for entering, I'll be mailing out next week.
Candy your blog keeps redirecting me to different sites.


Leslie said...

I just emailed you my address. Let me know if you didn't get it or if you ahave any questions. I am so excited I finally won something and to boot the cute quilt top! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all the ladies that won!!!
How is Amy doing?

Allison said...

Alice -- thanks for asking Amy is feeling back to normal!!

Allison said...

Leslie I didn't get your email try again with

Carol said...

Whoa, thanks Allison:) I'll email my address to ya. Congrats to the other lucky gals.

Leslie said...

I sent my info again! Hopefully this time it goes through! If it didnt I will just post as another comment!

Jessica [] said...

Allison, thank you!! I just emailed you my address. Glad that Amy is feeling better!

Jessica [] said...

I sent the email again. I took out the spaces last time, but this time I copy/pasted your email from your comment on my blog. I hope you get it this time. :)

Candy said...

Thank you, I am trying to email my address to you. Computer problems.