Saturday, April 17, 2010

A couple weeks ago I finally hit a thrift store, I didn't find much but I found this Irish Blessing Stitchery for $4.99. I'll probably take the bow off of it and I'm thinking about staining the frame.

On trash day I spotted this wooden cabinet sitting out for the trash, I passed it once but on the way home it was still there so I picked it. I haven't decide what to do with it yet but it looks like I'll be scraping paint off first.

When I saw this sign that Pam from Prim in a Small Town had hanging in her kitchen, I knew I had to have one like it. Luckily she makes and sells her signs here. Now all I need to do is decide where to hang it.

Spring means soccer so we've been busy with practices and games. This weekend we had a game Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. Amy likes to run around while we're watching Jaime so we spend half the time making sure she doesn't run out on the field. Are my children the only ones who think the main event is the snack bar or the treats after the game? You'd think we never feed them.

We have a ton of projects we need to work on around our house, the main one is finishing the bedroom in our basement and than finishing the rest of it. We have a lot of junk to get rid of down there too, it's amazing the junk people want to save. Outside we have a few things I want to see get down like the partial picket fence in the front of our yard and a smaller portion in front of where will store our trash cans. Last year we picked up two van fulls of bricks for free. We want to make a meandering path through our front yard and hopefully have enough to brick under the trash cans. So many projects never enough time.

Kaitlyn graduates next month and we finally picked out graduation announcements now to get everything ordered.

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