Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We had a fun Halloween the weather was beautiful, no coats needed. We hit a few trunk or treats and than a couple neighborhoods, with a stop at Grandpa and Grandmas house and a final stop at Chipotle's for the Booritio special they do every year.

Amy was Snow White, Jaime a mummy and Melissa wore her bathrobe, pj's and carried Clifford.
Let me tell you about Jaime's costume. Three attempts to make one costume, first we started with too little pants, they fit until I sewed the muslin on the pants, found another pair apparently I don't catch on fast,..... final attempt worked and looked pretty good. But wait the top part was a black zip up hoodie, that turned out too small, ended up cutting the sweat shirt apart and sewing it onto a white t-shirt, this mama is bound and determined or just crazy.

Harry Potter Halloween

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