Sunday, March 2, 2014


just watching the snow fall ...

This is what we did yesterday and last night. We were suppose to have a big snow storm 5-9 inches, we didn't get anywhere near that, I was trying to find out how much we did get and apparently we still might be getting more. They cancelled church last night, anticipating that it would be worse. This morning we had sleet coming down and so far our street has not been plowed, which is unusual because ours is always done early. It's about 2 degrees out and we aren't going anywhere.

I think everybody is tired of snow and ready for spring. I wanted this last snow, don't tell anyone!

I'm still working on getting my pictures on the computer. Hopefully soon.


Primitive Stars said...

Love the sweet little kitty, cute picture....yes, bring on Spring, Blessings Francine.

Danice said...

Yes, Allison, I am also ready for Spring. here in Alabama we are getting another cold snap. It is only 27° currently. So sorry your computer crashed. I got an external hard drive recently in case mine ever crashes :)