Saturday, May 28, 2016

My last month and a half in pictures

May 25th was the last day of school for my kiddos! I now I have a 5th grader, and  a sophomore.

Talent Show

Girl Scout Camp training 102, It was a chilly May weekend to sleep in the perm-a-tents but a lot of fun!

PTA carnival-- Amy fractured her elbow that night.

High School Band Concert

Missing my mom all the time, but always on Mother's Day!

Mother's Day with 3 of my daughters!

Amy's birthday party

An oldie of me with my now 19 yr old (she missed her mom and I missed her that weekend). I was pregnant with my now 15 yr old and had spent the night at Girl Scout camp with my now 24 yr old.

Bandarama all the schools in our district concert.

Honor Society Ceremony-- Melissa finished her first year at the local community college. She wants to be a mid-wife.

Girl Scout night at Science City


Blue Springs school of economics field trip

Girl Scout World Thinking Day!

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