Sunday, October 19, 2008

Turner Days and Homecoming Dress

Jim took Melissa and Jaime to the homecoming game while I stayed home with Amy and worked on the homecoming dress. Here are a few pictures of Kaitlyn cheering. Go Bears!!!

One of the things I love about our community is Turner Days. We live in a county that has three school districts and ours is pretty small with five elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. Turner days is always the weekend of homecoming, we have the parade with everybody lined up and down the street. It's just a warm fuzzy for me. After the parade everybody heads to the ball fields behind the middle school where booths are set up, they have a stage for singing and a few blow-up slides and rides. This year they also had mud volleyball that was pretty fun to watch. All the second grades sang together this year. Jaime couldn't make up her mind if she wanted to sing or not and finally decided she would. Melissa and Kaitlyn walked in the parade.

Here's a before and after of the homecoming dress of Kaitlyn's. We had some friends give us four dresses and she picked this one and I (for the first time) altered it. I could see a couple of mistakes I made. I asked 4-5 people for advice and took some of their suggestions and made a few changes. It was nice to be able to say I did it.


Sarah said...

Wow, I think you did a great job on the dress!

Hannah said...

Kaitlyn looks great in the dress. You made it fit very well!