Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Jaime's second grade class had fun playing pumpkin bowling. I covered the water bottles with grocery bags with ghost faces. The little pumpkins made it through 21 kids and came home intact. The other game they played was a bean bag toss. I made orange bean bags and between the time I made them and the next day they were missing.
So I found our bean bags and slipcovered them with orange fabric and drew pumpkin faces on them

Since there is always so much junk I took cheese sticks and crackers. I needed something to put the crackers in so I used a cereal box and covered it with Halloween scrapbooking paper and made a black spider out of pipe cleaners. They also guessed how much candy was in the jar. The answers were funny anywhere from 50 to 1001, the real answer was 235.

Trunk or Treat at our church. Melissa and Amy with our Youth Pastor

We stopped at another church that had a parking lot full of jumping houses, slides and a carnival ride. They also had three big rooms of games inside. If we stop here next year I think we'll have a time limit. The girls didn't go door to door trick or treating and they really missed that part of Halloween. Than we headed on to Chick-fil-A to get free kids meals and our last stop was Chipotle's for a free burrito I wish we had took pictures of everybody in line with their foil masterpieces.

We were hoping to make it to the last home game to see Kaitlyn cheer but our time ran out.

Jaime was a bat we added ears and wings to a black sweatshirt and made fangs with pipe cleaners and white foam.

Melissa was going to be a red witch and than changed it to someone in High School Musical.

Amy was a puppy dog in the morning and a crazy princess in the evening.

Kaitlyn dressed up earlier in the week for a Trick and Treat night at the high school and she was Dorothy. I used a pattern and took a short-cut as in everything I do I'll see if she has any pictures and post later.

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Sarah said...

You should be a professional party planner with all your cute ideas!