Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More rag quilts

This rag quilt I used strips instead of squares. I found a tutorial( the link no longer works) that used two different colors but I wanted to use at least four. When I started the quilt I was leaning towards mostly green but saw the brown floral and brown with daisies and away I went. I used a double flannel filler to make it warm. I have a few more rows to clip than it will be finished.

This is the first rag quilt I made. My friend had made one a few years ago and I loved her quilt I posted about it here.


Sarah said...

Pretty! I like the idea of flannel inside.

Tracy said...

OK, love love love the long strips. And I'll bet that was even faster. Did you just quilt it in long stripes? I'm copying your idea as soon as I finish the recycled jeans one!

vivian said...

love the rag quilts! I have a couple, but someone made them for me! Im in a quilt guild and I dont even quilt! I just like being around the quilters and seeing what wonderful things they whip up!
have a great weekend!