Thursday, May 7, 2009


Annie Doll Swap #1

This is the Annie doll I made

and this is the one I received.

They were able to meet each other before I shipped my Annie out. They look very happy!!

My crazy self has signed me up for a few swaps.
I'm doing another Annie swap the first one was fun so why not do it again. I also sign up for the disappearing 9 patch. I have 40 to make by July. I also joined a Friend's swap. I joined a 9 patch sew-a-long at crazy Mom Quilts and last but not least I joined a Fourth of July swap.

I also have knotted dolls I need to sew for an upcoming La Leche League conference and get my materials together for a session I'm teaching on being creative there. So I better get busy.


Kathie said...

Thanks for the great little Annie. Wasn't this a great swap. Hope we meet again is swap land again!! Love your Lab picture, we raise Labs and Labradoodles. They really are the best companions! Thanks again for my little Annie!

Khris said...

dont you just love Annies...I do..hugs Khris