Friday, May 8, 2009

School carnival

We had a fun evening at the school carnival. The school use to have it around Halloween but this is the second year they've had it at the end of school. This year it was held outside and I think it went a lot better. I volunteered to help for a hour but was having a lot of fun so we ended up helping close it down and cleaning up. Amy spent most of her time between the Moon Walk and the Obstacles Course. I started out helping with a golfing game and than moved on to a juice toss and when all the juices were gone helped at the Cotton candy, pretzel, popcorn, snow cone table.

I mostly took orders and tickets but when the cotton candy lady had to leave real fast guess who was left there. Okay how hard could this be you just take the wand and roll it around the sides and out comes a perfect cotton candy. yeah right not from me. The first one was hilarious it was big, the next was small so I gave the kid back a couple of tickets, the next one needed two cones to get it out. My first problem was grabbing the cone in the middle because it started folding in half, the second I was informed was because I was short apparently short people have a harder time with the machine. One was so bad I gave it to a little boy who had no tickets left but wanted one. The last couple ones I made as I handed them off part of each cotton candy stuck to my hand oops I guess this is my bite!! The other problem we had was that everything but the snow cone machine was plugged into the same power strip and had blown a fuse before I got there, so when you ran out of cotton candy,you popped popcorn, and than you could warm up the pretzels when that was done. Luckily a janitor found another strip and we were back in business. I was just starting to get better at making the cotton candy when they said "We're closing it down" "What?" I felt like a kid and wanted to stomp my feet and say "I'm not done" By the time I was done I had cotton candy sticking to my hand and arms. It was quite tasty~! They had a lot of drawings and we weren't lucky, Jaime wanted to win lunch at T-Rex with her teacher from last year or T-Bones or Royals tickets. I have never seen Amy's legs run so fast to get back to the playground, Jim would go get her so we could leave than he'd put her down and zoom she was gone. She reminded me of a cartoon where they run so fast you just see a cloud of dust.

My MIL invited us to the Mother Daughter Brunch at her church this morning. This one was the first one I've attended since my Mom passed away. Last year Amy had dental surgery the same day and the year before there was no way I was going.

Brunch was pretty good we had fresh fruit cups, an apple pastry with pecans on top and the main dish was quiche and sausage.They also had a basket of muffins that Melissa demolished in no time! After the meal we watched a DVD of Anita Renfroe it was pretty funny! I can take funny on Mother's Day!I didn't get to see the end because Amy wanted to run. I think we left without embarrassing my MIL too much.

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