Saturday, September 12, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Jaime celebrated her 9th birthday with friends they had pizza, brownie cupcakes and than played mini golf. They had a lot of fun and were very loud for only four girls.
You can't imagine how many times they were fishing the golf balls out of the water!

Kaitlyn had a Tea Party and invited her friends over, she made sandwiches and the cake, she also served chips and dip, fruit and veggies and lots of candy. She asked all the girls to wear a dress and they did one showed up in jeans and changed here. They made flower pens and a few tissue paper flowers (Amy ran off with all the tissue paper before the party and we had to dig paper out of gift bags to make the flowers).These girls were pretty quiet compared to Jaime's party.

Kaitlyn had a Tea Party for her 7th birthday party so she was reliving it for her 18th. Two of her friends attended both parties. I was able to find one picture on the computer so here it is eleven years ago Kaitlyn and Samantha.

Last but not least a party for both at Grandma and Grandpa. I'm glad the weekend is over. Jaime was born on the 12th and Kaitlyn the 13th so they are one day shy of 9 years apart.

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