Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard 2011

This picture was from the previous week of snow.

A neighbor gave us this Gingerbread house kit at least two years ago and since the last time we made gingerbread houses I swore I'd never make one again it has set on the top of our cabinets. In a moment of insanity on a snow day I pulled it down and thought it would be a great idea to make. I started with the icing and after an hour or two it was suppose to be dried enough to decorate. The minute one of the girls touched it, it fell apart so I grabbed the tacky glue, (I couldn't find the hot glue gun) it again fell apart so I divided the parts and Jaime and Amy had fun decorating the pieces. If I ever have a lapse in memory again I think I'll let them decorate the pieces and than pull out the hot glue gun to put it together.

The kids had school on Monday but by 9:00 they had canceled school for Tuesday which I was a unbeliever because the week before we were suppose to get a lot of snow but it stayed up north and missed us. At 6:30am the snow was lightly coming down, Jim left for work and had no problem getting there and than after a few hours the flakes were bigger and the snow was coming down like crazy. It looks like we received 10 inches of snow.

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Debbie Geiger said...

Hi I am looking forward to our little spring swap as well.