Monday, February 28, 2011

Chicken Pox

Amy broke out in spots on Thursday, she was a little itchy but hasn't had a very hard time. Two years ago we tried to get Chicken Pox three times and it never happened, we didn't try this time, we were at a friends house and her son broke out after we left. Sixteen days later spots appeared. Yay for natural immunity. Stay tuned for the next pox update in sixteen days.

A twirly skirt and a stuffed pony were a gift for a birthday party we attended. I love House on Hill Road's pattern I have made at least 10 of these skirts. I leave the ribbon off and Jaime and Amy love these skirts. The stuffed pony was a freebie from Annie's cupboards.

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Sarah said...

I love that pattern too. I was looking through the kids' spring/summer clothes the other day and was happy to see that this summer Allie can wear a couple of the ones I made for Emma several years ago.