Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kansas Speedway Tour

This is Ray our Speedway tour guide, here we are in the presidential suites.

Amy and Ellie found the chairs more interesting.

General Admission area, they were replacing all the seats for the upcoming season.

Looking up from the ground.

Racing along in the speedway van at a top speed of 45mph!

Inside the garage area.

Winner's circle-Victory Lane

We had a wonderful time touring the Kansas Speedway today. Our tour guide was Ray. We took a look at the Presidential suites, the general admission section, we drove through the drivers tunnel in the Speedway bus, visited one of the garages, the media rooms, Winners Galley and then drove around the track at a whopping 45 miles per hour.

Than we headed over to the Legends for lunch at Panera's and the kids played in the grassy areas.

Amy picking the tulips, I wasn't paying attention even though I took the picture.

The tulips in their new home.

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