Monday, April 18, 2011

Today I ran across a few old Leisure Art magazines from the 90's, these had made the cut over the years. I found a couple patterns I want to make for some upcoming swaps I'm in, so yay for finding them. I also found an old book that I ordered in the 90's with doll patterns, and a few other patterns.

I'm admitting to having those geese and all sorts of country blue in the late 80's- early 90's along with some crazy hair. It's funny how the country look can switch over to prim. I wish I still had some of my country stuff I used back then, some were probably up in our attic when we had our fire in 2003, others I discarded. A lot of the items I had bought from Home Interiors back when I had a friend selling it. It seems funny how things change in decorating, and the different fads.I've never like the modern always country style, just different kinds.

I also found a note the vice principal from Jr. high sent home with me to my mom it stated I had 16 tardies , 10 to first hour and 6 to 5th hour and if I got any more I'd be serving an in school suspension. I must have tried harder but I do remember serving a Saturday morning detention, once was enough to not want to spend my Saturdays there again.

On the 9th, it was Mother's day at Kaitlyn's sorority, we were served a light brunch, entertainment was a singing group, had a Mom's meeting, fashion show and a silent auction. I didn't get a picture of Kaitlyn and me, but did get a group picture of the girls in the fashion show.
The fashion show was all the t-shirts they had through the year and than the different parties they went too. Kaitlyn is in the back in black and white she was modeling 80's fashion from 80's date night. It's hard to believe Freshman year is almost over.

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