Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday to Amy!

My baby turned 5 today! We met friends at the park and had cupcakes. We'll celebrate on Sunday with Grandma and Grandpa.

The time flies by-- yesterday she was a baby and today she is 5. I never thought I'd have a baby in my 40's but I did and I can't imagine life without her. Her birth was the best birth and one I would have liked to have with my other girls. I had her at a new birthing center with a midwife. Her birth was the least expensive but our insurance would only cover a small percentage since they were out of network. I saved the insurance a lot of money only having a few tests, no genetic testing and no official sonogram you would think they'd be happy to save that and pay the bill.

I received my secret sister swap a couple days ago. Isn't this seed envelope cute ? She also sent this mop cap, soy candle melts (they smell good), seeds and prim magnets. Thank you secret sister!

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Sarah said...

I agree with you on the birth thing - it's ridiculous! Emma's birth (a C-section) cost something like $18,000 and our insurance paid every bit. Allie's birth cost $3000 and our insurance wouldn't pay a dime. I think that not only should they have paid, they should have sent me a card, thanking me for saving them so much money!