Saturday, January 21, 2012

Basketball, Girl Scout Cookies and Coffee

Busy busy day today, Jaime had a basketball game then we had to work at the girl scout cookie booth, which was no where near each other, I felt like we were rushing and running all day.

Our Mr. Coffee espresso machine quit working the other day. My husband is a coffee snob, grinds his beans and like his coffee strong and tasty, he usually laughs when other people say they make a good coffee. He is pretty nice guy and makes me a mocha every night, I drink hot tea in the mornings. Anyway back to my story we had one machine that lasted a year, this last one we had only 6 months when it quit working. He was able to rig the old one up and it worked till he opened it up and tried to add the part to the newer machine, now we had two non working machines. I really didn't want to buy another Mr. Coffee machine again but my coffee freak had to have something and we had tried, grumpy kids with us as we looked for one and the cost was also a factor. So we came home with our third Mr. Coffee machine. This time we're sending in the warranty and I'm copying the receipt so it doesn't fade away, I'm also planning on emailing Mr. Coffee because if this one dies a sudden death there will be no more Mr. Coffee for us. We also bought a french coffee press as back-up. I bought a regular coffeepot at a garage sale last year and he was going to use that but we had no filters so he stuck it back into the box and a few minutes later a cat knocked it over and no more carafe. Sometimes you just have to laugh and now we can laugh caffeinated. :-)

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