Saturday, January 14, 2012

First snow of winter a couple days ago

Thursday was the first snow of the winter, it wasn't very much but enough to cover the ground. Amy and I were going to meet a friend at Union Station but her daughter was sick. I've been wanting to work on these wool sweaters I'd been saving for a few years, when I run across wool sweaters at thrift stores or garage sales at a good price I grab them. I thought I had enough to make a throw for the living room. After sewing them together and trying to wrap it around my body, I think a couple more rows will make a big difference. Monday I'll be hitting 50% sales at the thrift store and hope to find enough to finish this project.

Today is also my moms birthday, she's been gone 6 years and I still miss her a lot. I wish my younger daughters knew her as well as Elizabeth did. I had Elizabeth when I was a teenager and we spent a lot of time with my mom. We look at pictures now and I try to share the wonderful things that made my mom "my mom".

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