Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

"Just for you..." Happy Valentine's Day!!

Melissa attended the winter formal.

Amy and her friends have a fun time decorating their valentine day boxes at the library after story time.

This Valentine's day party was the last party for Jaime at her grade school. I of course didn't get any pictures, we had nachos and chips and the kids also had enough candy, cookies and other junk to take home. We played match the famous couples and the kids did pretty good. Both teams were tied and neither could tell me Lucy's better half. They also played pass the heart with the straw. Next year they are moving all the 6th grades in the district to the former Early Learning Center which they opened 5 years ago for the preschool and changed Kindergarten to all day Kindergarten. When they moved the Kindergarten and P-K out of the neighborhood schools, we choose to home school Jaime for K. The kids were usually on the bus for 20- 30 minutes sometimes longer twice a day, they weren't open to me picking her up for half day K. So now they decide to redo the school and make it into a 6th grade academy. I can laugh now and say they are bound and determined to get my kids over to that school. :-)



Laura said...

that is crazy that the district keeps changing the school. You've certainly put in many hours of games & activities planning for school parties, they sound fun!

Sarah said...

Melissa looks lovely!