Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chinese New Year Party

Angela hosted a Chinese New Year party for our coop in January. She read a couple books, we made cute lanterns and dragons. In the top picture you can see Ellie holding her dragon we made out of paper and chopsticks. After all that fun we enjoyed tasty Chinese snacks. This year Angela had sweet bean soup which was pretty good and dumplings plus a smorgasbord of sweets, cookies, watermelon seeds and tea. This is the third year we've been able to go and my older kids attended the first year and still talk about it, of course the food tasting is there favorite.

Amy at Wonderscope with her Zebra face.

This morning I met up with a friend and she helped me get my quilt top situated. I've talked about this quilt a few times before (after looking I don't have a picture of it so when I get it done I'll post one). I first tried free motion and had such a mess never getting the back smooth, than I decided to stitch in the ditch and still had my backing problem so after ripping those stitches out. I came prepared with my basting spray and a few pins. I am determined to whip this quilt into a proper quilt. I know my 11 year will be excited it's done after 6 years. She's not as a fanatic about horses but still reminds me to please finish my quilt.

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