Monday, November 25, 2013

Pinned It, Made It! Monday

Photo courtesy of Do It Yourself.

Amy wanted a broom and I remembered seeing a couple of witches brooms on Pinterest. So I headed to the back yard and found some branches and grabbed a longer one for the handle and with some jute I had this one made in no time. My child wan't as impressed with it as other people were. She tied a Halloween contest at the library because of her broom.

Photo courtesy of Fishstick Designs
I've had trick or treat bags on my list of things to make for years. I thought I would really like this one. After reading and taking this bag apart three times I finally got it right. This one was a present for a friend of Amy's, for her birthday.  I never pay attention to the size and thought it was going to be bigger.
 Someday I'll learn. :-)
I've had computer problems so that's why I'm posting this Halloween Pinned It, Made It! now.

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