Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year! We had a quiet night at home eating hot wings and other junky
food. Jaime made it till 10:00. We tried waking her up at midnight for
fireworks and she fought us. At 6:30am we hear this small voice saying
"I missed New Years" she wasn't very happy. I cooked the little smokies
for breakfast since that was one of the things she thought she missed.
There was an Arthur TV show about New Years that I need to find for her.
Jim only shot off two fireworks since she was asleep, we'll be shooting
the rest off tonight. We're heading to the in-laws for KC Strips and
hot boiled shrimp.
I'm looking forward to playing cards. I think
the game is called 62. You remove the 2's and Jokers from two decks of
cards the first round everybody gets three cards and three is the wild
card, next hand four cards, four's wild, etc, etc. It takes about a hour
to get to the kings, with an 11 year old it takes about 2 hours. May
your 2008 be full of happy moments.

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Shawn said...

Happy New Year Allison!