Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I thought I'd post some of the projects I need to finish and projects I want to get started on. I started a KU
t-shirt quilt for my husband 3 years ago. I just need to get it quilted and
bind it. A friend gave me her aunt's number, she use to own a quilt
shop but now quilts in her home. I'm waiting to hear how much she
charges to quilt. If it's affordable I'll have her quilt Jaime's
turning twenty quilt I made 2 years ago. I made my own pattern for that
one and didn't realized that it was called turning twenty for a reason,
suppose to turn the quilt squares to get a turning effect. I used this
Micheal Miller material, a bandanna print and horses
on a black background, which would look pretty funny with the cowgirls
and horses sideways and upside down.
I have a friend who is expecting a baby girl in March and I thinks she needs a rag quilt in pinks and various other colors.

1. quilt KU quilt
2. quilt Jaime's quilt
3. baby rag quilt
4. Finish advent calenders
5. Make a raggedy angel doll for a tree-topper (I've seen a few cute ones on some blogs)
6. Finish up a few ufo's
7. Get my material organized

I can't forget these projects for swaps:

8. 12 October quilt squares for a swap on Amity Mamas (I'm still trying to
figure out what I'm making for that one, I know it will have a pumpkin
on it)
9. Valentine swap with two friends
10. Valentine basket swap with moms from my local parenting forum

11. a friend mentioned that she was going to start sewing ornaments
throughout the year for some swaps so I'm going to do that too.

I also need to finish up three cookbooks with my mom's recipes that I'm scrap booking, two will be presents for my brother and step-sister. Did I mention scrap booking! I'm not behind, I'm not behind*** I haven't scrap booked since our fire in 2003. Okay one page I did for a challenge. We did get a place set up in the basement to start scrapping.

This challenge was to scrap something about you, so I scrapped about my pets growing up.

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Shawn said...

My friend just made a KU quilt. I'll email ya her blog it is really neat. I wish I quilted. I've always wanted too just not enough time! Love that scrap page! Good work!