Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Nowhere to be, just relaxing

There's something peaceful about the days after Christmas until the
girls head back to school. We usually have nowhere we need to be and
can just relax. I wonder if I'll ever have that relaxing time before
Christmas.I always feel like a crazy person by the time it's Christmas
Eve and I would love to not have another holiday like that.

I've sewed about 6 re-usable
Christmas bags, 24 stockings for an advent calender, sewed Amy's
Christmas stocking and taken it apart again. I really want to do the
Rudolph day. On the 25th of each month you set it aside to work on
Christmas, this year I have big plans on following through with it. My
Christmas tree is still up and I want to get pictures of the kids all
together, it needs to happen soon because it's coming down this weekend
regardless. I will post pictures later.

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