Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Amy Turned Two on the 4th!

We celebrated her birthday at Grandma and Grandpa's. Amy wasn't as messy this year as she was last year. She wasn't too interested in opening presents. I was glad she didn't get a lot of junk. I made her a Waldorf doll and I'm waiting on the wig. I had a little trouble with the dress and decided to put the opening in the back. I think I'm also going to take the head and arms off and re-sew it. She got a sensory box and sand toys to play with it, a couple outfits, bubbles and a ball. Jaime gave her Lucy (the pull along puppy) that has been passed down from Melissa. The wooden stroller I ordered off Ebay finally arrived today and she is having fun playing with it. First she put the dolly in and than she tried getting in.

We went to a park for a picnic with the parenting group that my computer still won't let me get on. There was over 130 people there, it was great seeing so many babies and toddlers in slings, and carriers. I was able to talk to quite a few moms and meet some I'd never met before.


Susanne said...

So sweet she looks and happy to have a birthday!! I have mine at yesterday. I see that you love to sew and craft. What sort of craft you doing?
I love to scrapbook, making cards and to embroidery. Even my dogs are my hobbies.
I love to drive away at the summer with our caravan and my family.
I invited you to my blog and see wath I have there, maybe you find some interesting stuff there.
Unfortunately I write on Swedish in my blog but as soon as possible I have to translate it to English when I get some more time.
Hope to see you in my blog!
Have a nice day and week! /Hugs Susanne

Deanna said...

Happy birthday Amy!

She looks so cute!