Friday, May 2, 2008

Blue Jean Rag Quilt

Here's the blue jean rag quilt I posted about a couple days ago. I still need to do a lot of clipping and than it will be done. I'm finally glad to have this out of my WIP pile.

I have some elastic to sew in some diapers. That will be another project to get off my table.

Amy turns two on Sunday and I still have to finish her Waldorf doll. I order a kit almost two years ago. I made a Heavy baby and had a kit to make a 10 inch doll but also had a 16 inch doll pattern. Since I ordered so long ago I forgot what kit I ordered and cut out the 16 inch doll and than when I was ready to attach the pre-made head it was too little. So I'm making a head and of course the wig is for the smaller head. So if I get it done she'll be bald for a few days. I also ordered a wooden doll stroller that's not here yet.

Here's a picture of Jaime in her yellow soccer uniform and her neon pink boots. This was outside Ponacks.

Kaitlyn's National Honor Society Ceremony.

A lovely picture of us afterwards.

Our Preschool Coop toured a Fire Station.


Deanna said...

Great pictures! I love the quilt!

Happy birthday Amy! Congratulations Kaitlyn on the honor society ceremony!

Miss you on the board!

Cocoa said...

Oh I love that jean quilt! It turned out beautiful.

About your question for the main post and sidebar take a look at my blog and see if that's what you were talking about - having the main post and sidebar together with the same background.

mysteryhistorymom said...

Love the quilt! I wish I knew how to make quilts. My grandmother made such beautiful ones and I absolutely treasure them.:-) Lori

Cocoa said...

You haven't missed anything for getting the main post and sidebar with the same background. I'm trying to write a post on how to do it. It will be in the same post about adjusting your margins or column sizes.

Sarah said...

I love the quilt! I'm sure she will treasure it.

Anonymous said...

The rag quilt looks wonderful.