Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year

School started back yesterday, Chowder the guinea pig had to go back to school too. Amy cried when her sisters got out of the van. I've been busy getting rid of stuff we don't need and have 5 bags for Big Brothers to pick up tomorrow.
My sewing area is in need of organizing and rearranging. It's a mess and I haven't done much sewing since Christmas.

We went to a friends house last week and we each made one of these cute snowman that was on Betz's blog here. Our children used scrapbook paper and stickers and created while we worked on the snowman. We were laughing trying to get the screws screwed in, the sweater would pop off the hoop every time we thought we got it. We had the smart idea of one of us holding the hoop while the other one tried to squeeze it together. They took a little longer than we expected we finally glued the sweaters to the hoops.I had to use the wire to close the hoops on my snowman. I think his scarf needs to be a little longer.

Here's a picture of the stocking I received in the Stocking full of Cheer swap. Susan was my swap partner she sewed the stocking by hand because she was in the middle of moving. She also used a hammer and leaves to print the leaves on the stocking, missing from the photo was a bag of Lindt truffles. Thanks Susan for the great stocking swap. Someday I hope to be able to write blog posts that don't sound lame but I usually have someone wanting my attention the minute I decide to blog.

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Sarah said...

That snowman is so cute. I don't think your posts are lame - I always like reading your blog.