Friday, February 27, 2009

I have about 30 completed squares and 20 in stages, I think I'm shooting for 80 total. I pull these out and work on them when I need to sew something. I started them after reading about it on this blog.
I also just sew scraps together but you still end up with a ton of leftovers and a mess.

A dear friend of mine moved today to North Carolina. We knew the move was coming for awhile but it's hitting me hard today. The funny thing is we only saw each other about once a month some times twice but we talked on the phone about four times a week or more.
I met Laura about 5 and a half years ago through La Leche League. Our children played together, we went to parks and meetings and our friendship has grown over the years. We worked on Fundraisers, helped with Leader applicant meetings, chapter meetings, had a wonderful time at the LLL conference in Chicago a couple years ago.

We moaned and groaned to each other about everyone and everything. We had craft days and non craft days with lots of food days thrown in, well almost always food days. She even fed me Alpo (her family calls it that}, I was hoping I could eat it without hurting her feelings and it actually tasted a lot better than it looked.
We'd bounce ideas off each other, share dinner plans and sometimes just listen to the other ones kids having a bad day on the other end of the phone, we never stayed on the phone very long after that luckily our kids weren't having a bad day at the same time.
I wish her and her family the best in their future and I know we'll see each other again and talk on the phone quite often and if she's lucky I'll start a Facebook.

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