Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'd been trying to decide how I wanted to make my rag bag. This book had some ideas but I found this pattern here. After reading her website where she sells the bags she said she put a liner in the one's that she sells. So I sewed a piece of material with an opening over the bottom and slid a piece of plastic canvas in and it's worked great.
I did have a few problems with the instructions but I think that's me because I'm more visual, when sewing the pockets on I had to re-read and play around with it but after I realized my first row was going across and hers was going down it made more sense. I'm going to make another one a little smaller and use rectangles and will just use 8 batiks going up and down. I'm also thinking about adding an outside pocket.

I received this beautiful quilt from my partner in the spring doll quilt on Sewing Mama's. She wrote a sweet note that she choose 5 flowers to represent my 5 daughters.

This is the spring doll quilt I made.

I finally heard from my brother (he's retired Army living in Italy) they live three hours away from Rome and didn't feel the earthquake.


kira said...

fabulous bag & blanket! looks like you've been pretty busy over there! :)

Sarah said...

Both of those blankets are great! How sweet that she added a flower for each of your girls.