Sunday, October 24, 2010

I always have these wonderful blog posts in my head and never seem to get them posted. The last post I started on the day it says and the pictures uploaded funky, I had to get off the computer and finally was able to fix them. So in reality I actually posted it today but started it a long time ago. I always plan on getting up early when the house is quiet and blog but get sidetracked reading blogs, local AP forum, FB and email. I need to work on that.......

I've been sewing and deciding on what to make for ornament swaps, a play food swap and a couple prim ornament swaps coming up. I need to get my Christmas list made and started for everyone I'm making gifts for this year.

A mom from the local AP forum was looking for someone to make these cute flat dolls, I had looked at them before and thought they'd be cute to make for Amy but that thought passed. ;-) These are the dolls and clothes I made for the mom. The first set I made will be Amy's after I do a little fixing. They were fun to sew except the shoes which were a little tricky. I can add that to one Christmas gift checked off my list.

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Jill Cook said...

Those turned out great!