Saturday, October 9, 2010

Turner Days and Harvest swap

Turner Days --We live in a city that has three school districts, we are in one of the smaller districts and the community turns out for the Turner Days Parade. It has a small home town feel and you can run into quite a few people you know. It was a little strange this year watching the High school cheerleaders and Kaitlyn not being with them. Jaime rode on her school float and it won best entry in the entire parade. After the parade everybody goes back to the soccer fields were they have a stage, booths for the PTA's of each school and than food booth, games and booths selling all sorts of stuff. We watched a couple games of mud volleyball, my girls thought that would be fun to do in the future.

I received my harvest swap with Julie of Dog Trot Farm a few weeks ago. Thanks, Julie.

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