Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Program and Band concert

See that unhappy face? The kids sat down while some dancers performed and then when they lined back up, Amy was no longer in her usual spot. I was worried she was going to push the little boy off the stage to get back to the spot where she wanted to be. She didn't.

Afterwards the kiddos visited with Santa and then it was off to get a plate full of Christmas goodies. That's the picture I should have included but I was too busy filling my plate!

Melissa's Winter Band concert--We thought we had great seats until I noticed how the chairs on stage were set up and by that time finding seats all together was not an option. So for the next concert we know to get there earlier and find seats in the middle if we want to see our daughter play the flute.

Jaime's classroom party - The first game we played they had to follow directions while drawing on their heads, this is what they had to do : Draw a Christmas tree, than you add a fireplace, hang ornaments and on it wen. The kids had a blast and we had a fun time laughing at all the pictures.

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