Friday, June 22, 2012

Tour of Livestrong-KC Sporting

The players seats.

                                              The locker room
                                                  The press room
View from the top
                                          Bud Terrace
                                         Visiting teams locker room
                                             KC Sporting locker room
                                                 One of the clubs
   Where I usually work at 129 or sometimes the Bud Terrace or you might find me at a portable if it's a concert.

                                          Another members club
                          We had a fun time touring KC Sporting's stadium Livestong with our friends. It was nice to see the other parts of Livestrong, I've mentioned that I worked out here to raise money for our Washington DC trip with the Turner band. Most of the stands are ran by parent volunteers. We get paid either a percentage of sales or a flat amount. For us it's for the band, some parents pay for their children's dance, cheer, gymnastics, sports fees, college fees you name it.     

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