Monday, June 18, 2012

Water Bottle Carriers

A few years ago I made this Pokemon water bottle carrier for Jaime. I used this tutorial and a mama from either Amity Mama's or Sewing Mama's forum sent me a vest she no longer wanted that was made from Pokemon fabric.
 When day camp rolled around I was looking at the list of what to bring to camp and they had water bottles with handles. This first afternoon I sent Amy with the only water bottle I could find and tied a cord around it. I went home and sewed  up two water bottle carriers that night. One was a Snoopy fabric for Melissa and I cut into my very small stash of this Japanese Alice in Wonderland fabric (that I bought years ago from a Sewing Mama) for Amy. The funny thing was I didn't cut the cord off the bottle and she kept pulling it out of the carrier to drink.  Amy decided it was easier to use the tied cord one, even though I showed her how to just use it without taking it out of the carrier. 

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