Friday, June 1, 2012

Washington DC Trip -Part 3

Saturday was the first full day we were in DC. We started at the Lincoln Memorial and walked by the Vietnam Wall over to the World War II Memorial, pass the Washington Monument headed to the Capitol Building for a tour.That was one long walk, it looked shorter but with construction and the heat it seemed like it took forever. Amy was having a hard time keeping up. I use to carry her in a sling when she was younger but she was too big for that, and I didn't think about borrowing a umbrella stroller.  We had lunch before the tour in the Capitol lunchroom. The tour we took bypassed the Senate and House of Representatives chamber, it was still an interesting tour. After the tour we headed to the Holocaust Museum we had only had 45 minutes before they closed, so it was a pretty fast trot through 3 floors, I would have liked to had more time in that museum, I was the one with the fast moving 6 year old while the rest of my family had a slower pace to look at everything, but they were being moved along by the guards and museum employees.  I will say the elevator ride made me think-- they show a short video and then the other side of the elevator opens up and you start walking. We had some time before dinner so we headed to the White House with all the other hundreds of tourist. After dinner we went to the FDR Monument, and finally bed time.  I also just finished reading the Hunger Games Trilogy, I was thinking about how fancy that Capitol building was  compared to how they talk about the Capitol in the books. My sister in law also went on the trip with us she's in the picture with us in front of the White House.

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