Monday, July 23, 2012

Pinned it, Made it Monday

Months ago I started planning on what we needed to take with us for our Washington DC trip with the Turner High School Marching Band. I wanted blankets we could cover up with in case it was cold on the bus. I saw these quilllows and decided that was what we needed. (I posted previously about one of the other quillows) I was determined to use what I had on hand. I had these squares from a bug and butterfly square swap from Sewing Mamas years ago. I realized that I wanted it a little bigger and added a sash around the outside, which led to more work on my part. I had to adjust the pocket to make it work. I only finished three before it was time to leave and need to finish the last three up.      

I'm joining Tammy over at Country Girl at Home. Check out her page and add your own Pinned it, Made it.


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

That is so adorable, Allison! I love it! How neat to have it to take a trips. My husband keeps the car cold anytime we get in it and our kids drag little quilts or afghans in there all the time. This would be a neater alternative and cuter too! You should make them and sell them!

Thanks so much for participating in Pinned it, Made it! Monday! I appreciate you!

You have a great week!


arkie said...

I love quillows! Made quite a few years ago for our car trips and gifts for friends and family. I like the patchwork look of yours.

Laura said...

you are an amazing quilter/sewer/crafter, my friend!

Barefoot Primitives said...

So cool! I love them!
I should make some for when we cruise in the '55! ;o)