Saturday, July 7, 2012


                                                           Our goofy girl

This summer was Amy's first to play T-Ball and she had a fun time. When she hit the ball she wouldn't run to first base she would stand there. The second game that she played I told her when you hit the ball runt to coach Lisa, last game she was on 1st but this time she was on third, so you know where she started to run. The poor tee took a beating from most of the kids they'd swing the bat hard and the tee would go flying .If you are looking for free entertainment, a T-ball game is one of the best places to get it. We laughed so hard at most of the games. Kids that age are so comical, it's funny to see the pitcher just standing there and the ball lands in his glove or the ball that goes right through the coaches legs, there were so many other funnies. It was sad when T-ball ended but with the hot July 100's I'm okay with it. 

                          The white petunias were too boring for Amy so she painted them.

                                                         Luna our baby kitty.

This is what Melissa spent most of the month of June doing. 

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