Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Everyday Ruralty
I'm link up with Patrice at Everyday Ruralty.

1.Do you enjoy grocery shopping?
2.Are you following any particular new stories?
No-- I quit watching the news and just read the paper. I will turn it on for something big like when the tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma.  I found that I feel better not watching the news nightly.
3.How do you feel about all the new technology we have today? Is it too much, just right or not enough.
In some cases I love it, ----I love having information instantly. I also think it's an overload, everybody is so busy looking something up on there phone they forget to stop and look around and it's ok if we don't know what just happened. So eh complete opposite answers.
4.On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the least), how much do you worry?
I'd say between 4-5
5. Without any of your responsibilities or concerns with how you would accomplish this, what would your three dream jobs be?
Humm-- don't know if I can come up with three--- I would love to be paid to craft and design. I also think it would be fun to be a private detective, some mystery books make it look fun-- till you get beat up. I use to think I'd like to be an Interior Decorator but I'm not always good with matching colors. Who knows what my dream job would be??  Maybe I should spend more time thinking of what it would look like but maybe I'm already living it---I always wanted to be a stay at home mom--so I guess I'm living my dream job without pay..... :-)


Sherri said...

A stay at home was my goal...If I ever became a mother. Well, I did & in the blink of an eye she's about to head off to college. Funny how life changes & our drams change with it. Have a blessed week :O)

Patrice said...

I like grocery shopping, especially when I'm hungry! The bill gets higher though. :) I like your dream jobs.