Sunday, December 5, 2010

Swap day

It was time for our 5th annual KCAP handmade ornament swap, this is the second year we've held it at our church. There we have room for the kids to run in the gym, a place for the swap tables and of course the snack table. Since a lot of us are spread out over the KC area in Kansas and Missouri we don't always get to see so many mama's and kiddos together. It was a lot of fun talking, eating and looking at all the wonderful ornaments our friends made.

**KCAP also known as Kansas City Attachment Parenting in an online forum we meet and discuss all sorts of topics, but we also get together at different activities throughout the year picnics, coop classes, play dates, playgroups, MNO and MNI (Mom's Night In), etc.

I was in two ornament swaps-- you can click on the picture to see them closer.

This year we also had two mama swaps it was all about pampering and only spending $2-3
a piece it could be store bought or handmade. A few of my items I haven't unwrapped yet I'm saving them for Christmas morning. I made homemade organic deodorant for one swap and neck cowl/gators for the other. Look at all these goodies, it was a lot of fun and I'm already planning on what I'm making for next year. Hopefully I'll have them made early ;-).

Also there was a small playfood swap-- in previous years we had three groups but I think people are playfood swapped out. I made the salt and pepper shakers and used this tutorial.

And the last swap is a side swap of five mama's who we each make five items and than swap with each other, it's always exciting to see what everybody makes and we've never made the same things yet in the last 3 years of doing the swaps. I enjoy swaps because I can make stuff for people who will use, enjoy and appreciate what I make and I love to get handmade items in return. Sometimes I make myself and my family looney but it's all fun!!

These were the second set of ornaments I made for the swap, the other set is here.

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